stromFrom your donations we were able to support: 

  • Brethren Church Podblanicko
  • Brethren Church Bílina
  • Brethren Church Neratovice
  • Brethren Church Čelákovice
  • New Church trust Fund in Slovakia in collaboration with
  • Brethren Church Chotěboř
  • Church establishment working group within the Baptist Union
  • Brethren Church Český Krumlov
  • Brethren Church Děčín,  Podmokly
  • Publication of the books: Coaching 101 by Robert Logan and Holy spirit by Daniel Heczko
  • Preparing  of Czech materials for the assessment of founders in collaboration with CAM, ČEA a M4
  • Project MOSTY

Also: The inter-church ministry of Tomáš Grulich - donations intended specifically for this purpose must use the variable symbol 111.