The MOSTY Internship is about developing you as a missional disciple-maker and serving alongside the Czech church to develop and deepen a culture of disciple-making.

A missional disciple-maker is someone that goes to the harvest to make disciples: We are investing to see lives being transformed by the gospel and to see you growing as a disciple-maker and as part of a community on mission. We desire to come alongside churches in Prague and to encourage you as you grow in leading others to become disciple-makers. We want to help you to grow in understanding your gifts and skills through serving inside and outside of the church to witness the gospel in word and deed. We pray that each intern will feel empowered to take what is learned into the next stages of life and to continue to grow as a missional disciple-maker.

We are joining what God is doing to develop and deepen a culture of disciple-making through the local church: We are (and you will be as an intern) serving alongside the local church and outside the church to give support as they grow as disciple-making communities and as they reach out to and serve those God has called them to reach that don’t yet believe.