Coaching is an essential element of MOSTY. It helps you to understand, process and apply all that you learn throughout the year spent in Prague. But together with a coach you will also prepare for your time in Prague, and debrief afterwards.

Being in conversation with a coach will empower you to fully live out God’s calling. In regular conversations with a coach you will reflect on where you are, where you should go and how you want to get there. There are moments of learning, mentoring and supervision as part of MOSTY. Most of these will be connected to the Learning Community that you are part of. But the coach is there to listen to you and to help you discern how God is leading you in your internship.

In brief there are three stages of coaching around MOSTY


Coaching starts after you have enrolled, preferably about six months before you arrive in Prague. Our mission agency partner that you enroll through, will help you to find this first coach, most likely the pastor or an elder from the congregation that you are a member of. This initial phase of coaching will help you define what you want to learn in Prague. You individually, but also what learning questions your church has.

In the first month of your time in Prague, you will be assigned a coach, connected with the MOSTY team. With this coach you will meet on a bi-weekly schedule to reflect on what you are doing and learning. You may want to discuss feedback from your supervisor at your ministry location, cultural shock and your adjustment, things that you struggle with, or anything else.

Upon return to your home culture, we would like you to continue in coaching for at least two months with the coach you had in stage 1. To help you settle back in, but mainly to find ways to apply what you have learned in MOSTY in your own congregation.