Process & Criteria

Between signing up and setting foot on Czech ground, there are some important steps to make.


MOSTY is working with international partners during the application process. These partners have their own procedures and responsibility when you apply with them. This will include personal conversations with you, your church or pastor. It may be that you are asked to take some medical and/or psychological tests. These procedures are normal, and only meant to get a clear understanding of who you are and will help us to place you well. Your privacy is of course guaranteed, and the information shared with the Prague-based MOSTY team is limited, as we comply with the AVGR data protection regulations.


Once your application has been completed and you are accepted into MOSTY you can start preparing. Your local organization will work with you on a budget for you and your fundraising. They will help you to secure the necessary funds and (prayer) support for your mission to Prague. They may also provide you with some training and other forms of preparation. Also, you will start coaching during this time (see Coaching).


In this period, we will also discuss ministry placement with you. This are actually two different placements. First of all, you are placed in a church or churchplant and missional community (as part of that church). This is where you will have your spiritual home for the next eleven months, and be encouraged and supported in living missionally in Prague.

Your second placement is with a relational ministry in an area you will choose (see The program). It can be children’s ministry or in sport, music, with students of disabled people… The main goal is to find a place that really fits.

It is important to note that both placements (especially the second) will be provisional, and only become final after your arrival in Prague and introductions.