Prague bridgesOne of the most beautiful cities in the world. In the old town you will find many monuments and historical buildings. Thousands of tourists gather around the Astronomical clock every hour, or cross the Charles’ bridge towards the castle. You pass multiple breath-taking churches within a couple minutes. Entering into one of them, you get a sense of heavenly majesty. Along the street there are statues of saints and angels and you can’t escape the sense that this is a place that has a great Christian history.

Digging below the surface though, this self-proclaimed atheist country is one of the most post-Christian nations in the world. Where 93% of the population identified as Christian in 1950, only 10% are identifying as Christian today (many of them nominal).

The church, as an institution, is not central to Czech culture and most people have never met anyone who follows Jesus. Today, only 36,000 out of 10.5 million people in Czech identify as evangelical believers. Forming small communities, they are often isolated and on the margins.

So… why Prague? Church planting is an important missional and evangelistic driver for many churches. In the past decade several Czech church planters have started new congregations that focus on mission and discipleship. And this movement is growing. Through MOSTY, you and we can come alongside these churches and support them in their calling in Czech Republic.