The desire to see new churches planted in Czech Republic is at the heart of MOSTY. This calling is not only for individuals, but for the whole church. MOSTY has a strong focus on the reciprocity in mission and the believe that mutual and lasting impact is only possible through partnering of sending and receiving churches.

Participants do not come to Prague alone, they are sent by a church. After a year they do not
just return home, but are commissioned to continue building gospel bridges. The Primary Goal of MOSTY is to contribute to mission in Prague, and to strengthen missional communities in the country. The impact however will extend beyond Prague as the participants will return home, influencing their (sending) churches and the communities they live and work in.

MOSTY is a collaboration of people with shared values and a desire to have a positive impact on the city. If you find interest in our stories and share a passion for our values, please consider partnering with us.


EFCA ReachGlobal is a partner of MOSTY and is the organizational vehicle in the US for staff serving in Prague.

GZB is a partner of MOSTY and is the organizational vehicle in the Netherlands for staff serving in Prague.


If interested, please fill the form.